Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back from Pine Root

I was away last week at a pottery workshop in North Carolina. So many thoughts about it are still sifting through my mind, that I'm not going to write much about it now. It was transformational and a whole lotta fun. It brought out the artist within and I find myself looking at the whole world slightly differently as a result. I tapped into a new place of creativity and trust in my own sensibilities. More reflection on that week to come.

While I was away, our congregation began its Summer of Scripture. We're reading 50 important Bible stories and different people are blogging about them. I wrote the first posting. I wrote it waaay ahead of time because I knew I'd be gone. I didn't realize then how fitting it would be to write about creativity at the dawning of a new artistic endeavor. I've copied the entry below.

For your daily dose of scripture and more blog entries from different members of our church, visit www.summerofscripture.blogspot.com.

The reflections written by different members of the church reveal faithfulness, wrestling, and God's grace. Good stuff.

Summer of Scripture Blog entry #1 - Genesis 1, reflection by Pastor Sarah

We're starting our Summer of Scripture at the beginning. In the beginning – these words invite imagination. What will happen next? The beginning is a creative time.

I love this passage about creation. It makes me look again at the world God made and marvel at God’s creativity. I picture God as an artist, delighting in the stars and making these wonderful human creatures straight out of what certainly must be a vast imagination (and a hearty sense of humor).

Apparently I’ve always liked this passage. When I was just a little girl I painted a picture for my dad based on this creation passage from Genesis. I look at that picture now and my first thought is wow, it’s apparent even from that age that I’m not ending up as a visual artist.

But the great thing is that as a kid, I didn’t have the adult’s discerning eye. So I had no shame at producing a less-than-perfect piece of art. I was proud to give it to my dad as a present. My dad had the good sense to honor it rather than critique its artistic merits and hang it up in his office where it stayed for 20+ yrs. Even as an adult, whenever I went to visit him at work, I was secretly glad he still had my little work of art on display.

Pinned above my desk I have a picture that my 9 yr old niece Eliza drew for me. It inspires me. I hope she never loses her particular sense of expressiveness about the way God made her. I bet God feels the same way about all of us – each unique, quirky, delightful one of us. Dust off your paintbrushes! Belt out a song! Follow God’s lead and get creative. You are, after all, made good.

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