Friday, January 16, 2009

invitation to a garden party.

Hi all - just a little report - still no consensus on the garden location, but it doesn't seem to be stopping much right now. One of two locations will emerge soon as the right place.

Last night we talked about whimsy and gathering space. A playplace in the garden for kids to dig. Inspiring bible quotes painted in bright colors on the fence posts. We shifted between talking details (type of soil, measurements of the beds) to dreaming (how to involve as many people as possible, how to make it fun.).

Key word: Joy. Joy's a theme that keeps emerging. I think that true joy is a gift from God to let us know we're on a good track. If our garden becomes a burden, it's probably not worth doing. But the way we were talking last night, it could be a place of real joy.

Pastor Lee Schray asked us last night: Why work when you can party? Our garden as a celebration of God's goodness. One big garden party.

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