Friday, August 14, 2009

First Fruits

Our Fruitful Field is living up to its name!

Peg just picked up our recent harvest to take to Gaithersburg Help. It's great to imagine that along with the boxes and cans of pre-packaged food, a G-burg Help client might be able to enjoy a nice salad or make salsa with fresh tomatos tonight. Thanks Peg.

We gave 3 different kinds of tomatoes, peppers, beans and carrots. More tomatoes and beans await harvest in the next few weeks, maybe a final round of lettuce and spinach, and the potatoes being grown off-site.


  1. Why.. barefoot.

    St Mark

  2. Where can I find more information about your gardening project. The Weavers Food Pantry garden is in its third or fourth year and we are wondering about directions for the future as we prepare to plant garlic and thin glad bulbs.
    David A of Harrisonburg, Va.

  3. Hi - thanks for finding us. Have you checked out our church's website? We're currently redoing it, so the garden and creation care work will be highlighted in a few months. But for now, there's a brief description.

    There's not too much more on the web about our gardening project, but I can tell you more about it in person. Give me a call at the church at your convenince. 301-869-3666.


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