Thursday, August 5, 2010

A photo of Todd Varness and the Homer Court crew

I spent the morning going through old boxes and most of my pictures of Todd involve blurry flailing arms (Todd dancing) and strange faces (Jill). I couldn't get them scanned. The one I'm posting here came from David this morning - thanks so much! It is a version of a much better picture that I can't find. This was taken in the front yard of 1006 Homer Court at party for graduation from Valparaiso in 1996. Shortly after, we scattered around the globe. Kelly was in Ireland, Jill in China, David in France, Todd in Guatemala, and Angela, uh, Chicago. I was in Malawi. I kept that photo in a frame decorated with stamps from their letters from around the world. There remains a precious bond of friendship over distance and time. In the midst of all this sadness, it is wonderful to remember the love that we all shared.


  1. This is a beautiful picture, a beautiful reminder of Todd and some of the finest students I've ever been blessed to teach. Thank you, Sarah. I am so sad to hear of Todd's passing. I retain vivid memories of him -- the way books like Brothers Karamazov and The Power and the Glory had such an impact on his life, and his commitment to and care for others -- which he embodied so remarkably in his work as a physician. God bless Todd, his family, you and all of his friends -- all of us fellow pilgrims, living in the hope of being together again. Love, Paul Contino

  2. The love and bonds of friendship all of you shared are so clearly visible in the photo. Blessings to you, Sarah, and my deepest sympathies on the loss of your friend.


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