Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fasting, fasting.

Getting ready for the World Vision 30 hr famine with the high school students, Friday-Saturday. I'm oddly excited for it. Last year, the time we spent fasting together worked wonders for our sense of community and solidarity with the hungry. I'm helping with worship - (big surprise). Last time, we lit 600 candles and extinguished them every 3 secs to represent the # of people who died of hunger in 30 mins. We're keeping this year's plan a surprise, but it'll be good.

Fasting is always good for me. It's hard, but good. Life-giving. Builds my relationship with God. Cleansing. I like fasting. Ok, I don't exactly like fasting, but it works.

I am committed to two new fasts for Lent. One is a dryer fast. Yep. I'm not drying my clothes in the dryer for the next 40 days. It's part of our overall carbon fast our congregation is undergoing to get ready for our garden/earth day celebration after Easter. Also, I'm going to do a car fast some week. Haven't picked the week yet, but I look forward to blogging about it. Probably will do it late in Lent. Will try to pick a week when there's not much rain (no dryer!).

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