Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Love.

I recently sent my sister a card that I'd bought years ago for a boyfriend. I'd never sent it and the relationship didn't last. The card was written for a romantic love, but when I reread it, it sounded like it was talking about a great friend. It gave thanksgiving for a person who shares your hopes and dreams, helping carry the baggage on life's journey. My sister has certainly done all that for me. Why not let her know I love her for it?

My Valentine's Day got a kick-start this morning with a card from one of my best friends, Rachel. We've been friends since our freshman year of college and our friendship has gone through everything a good friendship can go through, including a year of not speaking to one another.
Many of my college photos feature Rachel, me and the third leg of that tripod, Tiffany. Wish I had one of those pictures to scan in right now. They'd at least make the three of us giggle.

Both Tiffany and Rachel are featured authors in this month's Cafe, the online magazine for Women of the ELCA. You'll see why I love them when you read what they write. I thank God for love in all its forms. Happy Valentine's Day to you and all those you love!

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  1. Last time I tried this I hadn't logged on yet and got frustrated. Love is one of those things which both invites and transcends frustration. Love of a child is an abject lesson in patience. It can never be returned in full measure. Realization of this has caused many a parent to look back at the love they express to their own parents. True love is also something which can never be expressed enough. And a single day of the year is a horrible excuse to reveal such an all consuming emotion.
    Love boldly and unashamedly.


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