Thursday, April 2, 2009

The end of the carfast.

Hi - I'm sorry I didn't write about the end of the car fast till now. Might have been the ride in the rain last week, but I got sacked with a sinus thing and haven't felt up to writing again till now.

I think I last wrote on Thursday. That evening I again had an offer of a ride home. I refused that time because I was on my bike and it was a pleasant night. But as requested, I called the people when I arrived just so they wouldn't worry. It's nice to think that people worry.

Friday, I bussed to church no problem. I planned to bus back home but the bus just didn't seem to come. I waited for what felt like hours (probably more like 35 mins) and was giving up hope when a beige mini-van pulled over. It was one of the church members taking her kid home from soccer practice. They gave me a ride. Thank you!

The fast ended on uneventfully on Saturday. I bussed to church, rode with a friend out to dinner and to a student musical afterward, and then walked the 20 mins home along a well-lit road lined with yellow forsythia on a cool night. It was a great walk to end the fast.

What lessons did I take from the car fast?

1) I can do better in my everyday life to drive less. Using a bike, bus or metro takes more planning and it doesn't work all the time, but it isn't hard to do.

2) People are generous. I got many offers for rides and apologies from people who didn't offer rides because they didn't know I was carless. Taking rides was, if you remember, originally against the rules of the car fast. But I changed it and am glad I did. It's nice to be able to take people up on offers of generosity. And I surely appreciated the rides. It's environmentally best not to drive at all and only use public transportation, but carpooling is still better than individual riders.

3) I didn't talk on the phone as much . I didn't realize until I did this car fast just how much I talk on the phone when I drive. When I'm at church or at home I'm usually busy with something and don't take the time just to talk. Think what you want about the safety of cell phone use while driving (I know, I know. I swear I'm safe - but everyone does, right?), but that time in my car is valuable for keeping up my friendships.

4) It's not cheap to go carless. The metro and bus systems cost me more than gas would have that week. Granted, the wear, tear and cost of upkeep on a car still makes the car more expensive, but public transportation isn't cheap. I spent almost exactly 20$ during the week and I would have spent more but for all those rides.
The car fast is over now, but I'm hoping I'll keep some of the habits. Biked on my trusty Red Raleigh this morning. Thanks to all who followed and who helped me by giving rides. I'll do it again next year - who wants to join me in Lent, 2010???


  1. I enjoy your blog, Pastor Sarah. Thank you for writing.

    quietly lurking(until now),


  2. Hey! Congrats on completing your fast. It sounds like it was a smashing success. Sorry to hear about the sinus cold - bummer. But glad to hear you're feeling better. Please don't feel like you have always keep your blog up to date. We love your writings! But we also don't want to have an over burdened pastor :-). God's blessings.


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