Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lutheran Disaster Relief - a way to help people in Haiti

This morning my facebook updates divided into two camps, normal reports on the everyday dramas, and reports on the disaster in Haiti.

- Give me caffeine!

- Don't want to go to work today.

- My heart goes out to Haiti

- Going to fail a test.

- Click here to give money to help Haiti

- Eating cheerios with my dog

- Pray for the people of Haiti.

I didn't know anything had happened in Haiti. This was an eerie way to get news of this disaster. My day is basically unaffected by this earthquake. My status this morning could have been:
"Does anyone know if ingesting beeswax is dangerous? The honey I put in my tea has flecks of wax in it." Or
"Wow, 6 am yoga with Gina's a great way to start the day." Or
"I love writing!"
But knowing that people's lives have just been turned upside down, somehow the little events of my day seem less newsworthy. It seems impossible to just enjoy this day without also remembering those whose lives have just changed forever.
Yet those original candidates for my facebook status are still true. Plus, Right now I'm a little hungry, overwhelmed with the pile of work ahead of me, looking forward to seeing Crazy Heart this weekend, excited about the Vikes game on Sunday. All this while also being sad for the people of Haiti, obsessed with the graphic pictures, sorrowing at the losses, and wanting to help.
It feels terribly selfish and trite that the most honest status for me right now is "Praying for the people of Haiti AND bummed that a glitch in our cable means no Jon Stewart tonight."
In times of such acute tragedy, I'm always grateful to be part of a global church that helps connect the layered realities of my life with the lives of others. It gives a much-needed sense of perspective.
If you find yourself wanting to do something to help, please donate to Lutheran Disaster Relief.

In peace -

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