Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Car fast, day 2 - broken again!

Despite Monday night's experiment in being left behind (pun intended), I'm becoming a fan of the bus. True, the timetable is only 25% accurate. (According to my data set: 3 out of 4 of the buses I've taken have had no correlation to the schedule. When I asked this morning if the bus that came at 10:35 was the 10:23 or the 10:50, the driver didn't seem to know what I was talking about.) But I haven't given the bus a fighting chance.

Up till now I've had bus prejudice. I've favored the metro. But the metro isn't everywhere and it doesn't run on a schedule either. It takes a lot more infrastructure to move people on a metro than a bus. I'm still glad they're putting in a metro line to Dulles, but let's not underestimate the bus.

The bus is fairly straightforward. It's clean, easy, and flexible. Plus, it reminds me that for three years in high school, I formed some of my best friendships on a bus. (The exception was our Jr year when my friend Chriss gave me a ride to school in his legendary Monte Carlo. Our senior year it was back on the bus. Something about his car needing oil to run properly...)

The bus was my preferred mode yesterday. I bussed to church, and planned to bus home. Foiled again!

Last night the evening church meetings were over with plenty of time for me to catch a bus, no problem. No problem except that the people in my congregation are so kind that before I even started to leave, 3 of them cornered me (kindly!) and made the case for why they each could give me a ride. I had a feeling I wouldn't wiggle out of their concerned, generous grips without a fight, and frankly, the thought of a ride seemed delightful. So I accepted. I chose the person I thought lived closest to me. We chatted away and I was home in a jiffy. Yes, I broke a rule, but I also experienced one of the benefits of any kind of fast - awareness of my dependence on others.

Today though, I'm determined not to break it. I bussed in (it got too late to bike) and will bus home. I'll have to fight off the kindness of the congregation offering rides (people here are seriously nice.) But I think I can do it. And if not - I'll beg forgiveness.

A check in on how the car fast is going? So far, it's been surprisingly inconvenient. I thought I'd hardly notice, but I do. It's a pain. I didn't know how much I depended on the freedom of being able to run out to a store, restaurant or gym whenever I wanted.

Working out has been the biggest challenge. I'm used to hitting the pool or yoga studio at least 4 times a week, but it is hard to get there without a car. I could bike to the gym, but doesn't that defeat the purpose? ...ding ding ding...that's my answer. I won't get to the pool this week, but I will bike a lot. Also, you don't need a gym to go jogging, and that's what I did this morning.

Tomorrow I have about 30 miles of riding in order to make a couple of meetings. No sweat! And I mean that - it's supposed to be chilly. Here's hoping it doesn't rain.


  1. Ok Pastor Sarah I hope today went better for you in using public transportation or your own non-polluting form such as walking, biking, running and whatever. When we take something out of our day that we are so used to it makes us stop and think. I suspect your last day will be very different than the first!
    Keep it up!

  2. Pastor Sarah...You are hard core...U Da WoMan! I suspect that even with a few slips, you are doing far better on your fast than the rest of us. I guess we just have to remember the real purpose of our fasts: whether it be to focus our eyes on God; or to be thankful for all the modern conveniences we have, etc. Keep up the good're an example for us all. U go girl!!


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